Cosmological Gravitational Lensing Simulation

講演日:2020.02.21 (Fri)

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Premana W. Premadi (Institut Teknologi Bandung)


This is an exposure to cosmological gravitational lensing work done on computational simulation platform. The principle machinery is a sequence of multiple-plane lens calculation through a simulated large-scale structure of the universe. The universe is modelled as a ΛCDM with cosmological parameters whose values can be adjusted to agree with suggestion from observation. The resulted large-scale structure can be refined down to galaxy scales which are distributed following the distribution of the underlying dark matter.
We will show two particular examples for which this scheme contributes to a range of probability value: (1) of detecting very high redshift supernova, and (2) of the existence of (~100Mpc) giant voids in large-scale structure of the universe.


日時: 2/21 11:00-
場所: 31号館401