Multi-wavelength view of hyper/extremely-luminous infrared galaxies

講演日:2019.11.29 (Fri)

  • 宇宙


Yoshiki Toba (Kyoto University)


Galaxies whose infrared (IR) luminosity exceeds 10^13 Lsun and 10^14 Lsun have been termed hyper-luminous IR galaxies (HyLIRG) and extremely-luminous IR galaxies (ELIRGs), respectively. Their IR luminosity (LIR) is expected to be produced by star formation (SF), active galactic nucleus (AGN) activity, or both. In the context of the major merger scenario, its extreme IR luminosity could indicate that it corresponds to the peak of AGN and/or SF activity behind a large amount of gas and dust, providing the laboratory for understanding the galaxy formation and evolution and connection to their supermassive black holes (SMBHs).
In this talk, I will present our recent works on a search for HyLIRGs and ELIRGs, and their physical properties (Toba & Nagao 2016, Toba et al. 2018, Matsuoka, Toba et al. 2018, Toba et al. 2019).


日時: 11/29 15:00-
場所: 31号館402