A new measurement of the Hubble Constant from gravitationally lensed quasars: increasing tension between early and late universe probes

講演日:2019.09.03 (Tue)

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Cristian Eduard Rusu (国立天文台)


I will give an overview of the H0LiCOW campaign to measure the Hubble Constant H_0 in a blinded approach, with high precision and accuracy, using a combined sample of gravitationally lensed quasars with measured time delays. I will then focus on the recent series of H0LiCOW papers and updated cosmological results. In particular, combining the H0LiCOW measurement of H_0 with the latest Type Ia Supernovae measurement results in a 5.3 sigma discrepancy with the value inferred from the Planck Collaboration, calling into question the standard model of cosmology. I will conclude with future predictions for H0LiCOW.


日時: 9/3(火) 15:00
場所: 31号館401