Disorderless quasi-localization of polar gases in one-dimensional lattices

講演日:2019.06.05 (Wed)




We study non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional polar gases in deep optical lattices, which present a severely constrained dynamics due to the interplay between dipolar interactions, energy conservation, and finite bandwidth [1]. The appearance of dynamically-bound nearest-neighbor dimers enhances the role of the r^{-3} dipolar tail, resulting, in the absence of external disorder, in quasi-localization via dimer clustering for very low densities and moderate dipole strengths. Furthermore, even weak dipoles allow for the formation of self-bound superfluid lattice droplets with a finite doping of mobile, but confined, holons. Our results, which can be extrapolated to other power-law interactions, are directly relevant for current and future lattice experiments with magnetic atoms and polar molecules.

[1] W. Li, A. Dhar, X. Deng, K. Kasamatsu, L. Barbiero, L. Santos, arXiv:1901.09762


教室:31号館3F シミュレーション実験室