研究集会: "General Relativity and Partial Differential Equation" 「一般相対論と偏微分方程式」

講演日:2019.05.24 (Fri)


5月24日(金)10:00 ~ 17:20
近畿大学東大阪キャンパス 3号館, 502教室

Workshop: "General Relativity and Partial Differential Equation"

Time: May 24th (Fri) 2019, 10:00--17:20

Place: Building 3, Room 502, Kindai University, Higashi-Osaka


10:00~11:00 Andras VASY (Stanford University)
Title: Linear stability of slowly rotating Kerr spacetimes

11:20~12:00 Tsuyoshi HOURI (National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College)
Title: Separability structures on the Myers-Perry spacetime

13:30~14:10 Umpei MIYAMOTO (Akita Prefectural University)
Title: Dynamical aspects of cylindrical objects in (non-)gravitational physics

14:30~15:10 Hiroshi TAKEDA (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)
Title: Asymptotic profiles of solutions to semi-linear wave equations with structural damping

15:40~16:20 Akihiro ISHIBASHI (Kindai University)
Title: Information aspects of black holes, Gravitational radiation, and News

16:40~17:20 Tetsuya SHIROMIZU (Nagoya University)
Title: A no-go theorem in strictly stationary spacetimes

18:00~Social gathering

Organized by
Akihiro ISHIBASHI (Kindai University)
Tetsuya SHIROMIZU (Nagoya University)
Makoto NAKAMURA (Yamagata University)