Strong Gravitational Lenses in the HSC Survey: Searching and Sciences

講演日:2019.05.20 (Mon)


Anton Timur Jaelani (近畿大学理工学部 博士研究員)


Strong gravitational lensing is a phenomenon in which multiple images of a distant background source appears on the sky due to light rays being deflected by a massive compact object in between the source and an observer. These phenomena itself have a wide range of applications from cosmology to astrophysics and from mapping the (dark) matter distribution at large scales to finding planets around distant stars within our own galaxy. However, strong lenses are rare and difficult to find, requiring deep wide-area high-resolution imaging surveys. The HSC Survey is one of the largest ongoing imaging surveys, expected to cover 1400 square degrees. This survey will help us to increase the number of strong lensing candidates in the future. I will talk about the strong lens search and the latest science results from the HSC survey.


日時: 5/20(月) 15:00開始
場所: 31号館401