Staring at the black hole horizon with gravitational wave observations

講演日:2018.03.01 (Thu)


Dr. Andrea Maselli (Lisbon)


Exotic compact objects (ECO), with microscopic corrections at the horizon scale, may form in Nature as binary sources, and mimic the coalescence of ordinary black holes. In this talk we discuss the signatures which may be used, together with gravitational wave observations, to distinguish between such exotic states of matter. We investigate two possible smoking gun effects, namely the tidal deformations, and the absence of absorption at the horizon. We assess the ability of present and future interferometers to detect the ECO's Love numbers and tidal heating, and their constraints. For space observatories, like LISA, we demonstrate how these effects can be used to bound the compactness of the exotic object down to the Planck scale


時間: 14:45~15:45
教室: 3号館501教室