Collisional Penrose Process of Spinning Particles

講演日:2018.03.01 (Thu)


前田 恵一 早稲田大学教授


We analyze collisional Penrose process of spinning test particles in an extreme Kerr black hole. We consider that the particles 1 and 2 plunge into the black hole from infinity and collide near the black hole. The particle 1 is assumed to be critical with the total angular momentum J_1/M=2E_1, where M is a black hole mass and E_1 is the energy of the particle 1. The particle 2 is subcritical, i.e., J_2/M<2E_2. We then assume that the collision occurs at r_c=r_H/(1-ε) where r_H is the horizon radius and ε<<1. The particle 3 escapes into infinity, while the particle 4 falls into the black hole. We assume that the particle 3 is near critical, i.e., J_3/M~2E_3. We find the maximum efficiency η=E_3/(E_1+E_2)=15 for s_1=0.01M and s_2=-0.27M.


13:30 -- 14:30