The graviton Higgs mechanism

講演日:2016.03.07 (Mon)


Ivan Arraut (Tokyo Univ. of Science)


The Higgs mechanism at the graviton level formulated as a Vainshtein mechanism in time domains implies that the extra-degrees of freedom become relevant depending on the direction of time (frame of reference) with respect to the preferred time direction (preferred frame) defined by the St\"uckelberg function $T_0(r,t)$ which contains the information of the extra-degrees of freedom of the theory. In this manuscript, I make the general definition of the Higgs mechanism by analyzing the gauge symmetries of the action and the general form of the vacuum solutions for the graviton field. In general, the symmetry generators depending explicitly on the St\"uckelberg fields are broken at the vacuum level. These broken generators, define the number of Nambu-Goldstone bosons which will be eating up by the dynamical metric in order to become massive.



問い合わせ:物理 太田