1. "Equivalence of lattice operators and graph matrices"
  2. "New conjecture on species doubling of lattice fermions"
  3. "All-order Resurgence from Complexified Path Integral in a Quantum Mechanical System with Integrability"


  1. "Resurgence and semiclassical expansion in two-dimensional large-N sigma models"
  2. "Lattice fermions as spectral graphs"
  3. "Exact-WKB analysis for SUSY and quantum deformed potentials: Quantum mechanics with Grassmann fields and Wess-Zumino terms"


  1. "Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d N=4 SQED"
  2. "Effective field theory of magnon: Dynamics in chiral magnets and Schwinger mechanism"
  3. "Exact-WKB, complete resurgent structure, and mixed anomaly in quantum mechanics on S1"
  4. "Exact WKB analysis of the vacuum pair production by time-dependent electric fields"


  1. "On exact-WKB analysis, resurgent structure, and quantization conditions"
  2. "Lattice CPN−1 model with ZN twisted boundary condition: bions, adiabatic continuity and pseudo-entropy"
  3. "Varieties and properties of central-branch Wilson fermions"
  4. "Lattice gauge theory for the Haldane conjecture and central-branch Wilson fermion"
  5. "Instantons in chiral magnets"


  1. "Confinement-Deconfinement Crossover in the Lattice CPN-1 Model"
  2. "Fractional theta angle, ’t Hooft anomaly, and quantum instantons in charge-q multi-flavor Schwinger model"
  3. "Bion non-perturbative contributions versus infrared renormalons in two-dimensional CPN-1 models"
  4. "Phase structure of the twisted SU(3)/U(1)2 flag sigma model on R×S1"


  1. "Resurgence and Lefschetz thimble in 3d N=2 supersymmetric Chern-Simons matter theories"
  2. "Anomaly matching for the phase diagram of massless ZN-QCD"


  1. "Circle compactification and 't Hooft anomaly"
  2. "New class of flat-band models on tetragonal and hexagonal lattices: Gapped versus crossing flat bands"
  3. "Resurgence structure to all orders of multi-bions in deformed SUSY quantum mechanics"
  4. "Exact resurgent trans-series and multibion contributions to all orders"


  1. "Anomaly and sign problem in N = (2,2) SYM on polyhedra: Numerical analysis"
  2. "Nonperturbative contributions from complexified solutions in CPN-1 models"
  3. "Non-BPS exact solutions and their relation to bions in CPN-1 models"
  4. "Understanding QCD at high density from a Z3-symmetric QCD-like theory"


  1. "Lattice study on QCD-like theory with exact center symmetry"
  2. "Resurgence in sine-Gordon quantum mechanics: exact agreement between multi-instantons and uniform WKB"
  3. "Classifying bions in Grassmann sigma models and non-Abelian gauge theories by D-branes"
  4. "Exact results in discretized gauge theories"


  1. "Topologically twisted N = (2,2) supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on an arbitrary discretized Riemann surface"
  2. "Neutral bions in the CPN-1 model"
  3. "Adjoint QCD on R3xS1 with twisted fermionic boundary conditions"


  1. "Fermion actions extracted from lattice super Yang-Mills theories"
  2. "Differences and similarities between fundamental and adjoint matters in SU(N) gauge theories"
  3. "Phase structure and Hosotani mechanism in gauge theories with compact dimensions revisited"


  1. "QCD phase diagram with two-flavor lattice fermion formulations"
  2. "Phase structure for lattice fermions with flavored chemical potential terms"
  3. "Strong-coupling analysis of parity phase structure in staggered-Wilson fermions"
  4. "Revisiting symmetries of lattice fermions via spin-flavor representation"


  1. "Aoki phases in the lattice Gross-Neveu model with flavored mass terms"


  1. "Index theorem and overlap formalism with naive and minimally doubled fermions"
  2. "Classification of minimally doubled fermions"
  3. "Characters of Lattice Fermions Based on the Hyperdiamond Lattice"
  4. "Melting spectral functions of the scalar and vector mesons in a holographic QCD model"
  5. "Lattice Fermions Based on Higher-Dimensional Hyperdiamond Lattices"


  1. "Finite-temperature spectral function of the vector mesons in a holographic QCD model"


  1. "Electromagnetic response and pseudo-zero-mode Landau levels of bilayer graphene in a magnetic field"

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