Kumiko Nobukawa's group @ Kindai University


Aug. 2020 Our website was launched.

Apr. 2020 Our laboratory was launched.

What we do

X-ray observations

We observe the Milky Way using X-ray astronomy satellites. We especially focus on X-rays from supernova remnants and intersteller medium.

Development of X-ray Astronomy Satellite

We are heavily involved in development of the X-ray astronomy satellite "XRISM".

Basic development of
X-ray detectors

We develop X-ray detectors for future X-ray missions.

Research Project

Granted Projects

Measurements of distributiond and spectra of low-energy cosmic rays with X-ray observations
KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists(FY2020-FY2024)

Study of low-energy cosmic rays with a new method using X-ray observations
Yamada Science Foundation (FY2020)

Past Projects

Participated Projects

X-ray astronomy satellite ASTRO-H (Hitomi) project