2022年 10月 31日

「Chasing the two-Higgs doublet model in the di-Higgs production」on arXiv

Chasing the two-Higgs doublet model in the di-Higgs production

We investigate the di-Higgs productions at the Large Hadron Collider in the two-Higgs doublet model. In particular, we study the productions of an extra scalar, ϕ (ϕ=H,A), in association with the Standard Model (SM)-like Higgs boson, h. We consider a scenario that the additional scalars have a large top-Yukawa interaction in the Higgs alignment limit. Then, the leading contribution to the production comes from the loop-induced gluon-fusion channel gghϕ. Similar to the SM Higgs pair production, these hϕ productions are sensitive to the Higgs potential as well as the Yukawa couplings. In this paper, we calculate these hϕ production cross sections at the leading order, taking into account the theoretical constraints from the perturbative unitarity and vacuum stability bounds as well as the precision measurements from the Higgs and flavor physics. Furthermore, we scrutinize the di-Higgs production in the parameter spaces that can explain the excesses around 100GeV in di-τ and di-photon and/or the muon g2 anomaly.